Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shopping in NJ

Hi all,

Its been raining for about a week now.Seriously !!!And it rains all day and night.Wonder where that is ???hmmmm……New Jersey.Its beginning to get really cold here.We’ve started with our thermal wear and the long coats.I wonder when the gloves will be out of the closet and be put to use.The last I recall using them was on our trip to Lake Placid in Albany,NY.Boy was it freezing or what !!!This is in such a contrast to the weather in the UAE where winter doesn’t set in until late november.The winter in the UAE is actually quite pleasant during the day.It does get a little colder at night.But a single sweater/blanket is enough to carry you through the night.In fact, every time I complain to my mom about the dull gloomy weather due to the constant drizzling, she goes like wow…sounds real nice.I wish we had some in the UAE.Its still quite hot in the UAE.My family actually keeps the central air conditioner turned on .

We’ve also started the central heating since last week which leads to another major problem.Due to the harsh winter, we need to keep the central heating turned on which sucks out the humidity/moisture from air and leads to dryness of the skin as well as the inner lining of the nose.As a result, we tend to suffer from nose bleeds and extremely taut,itchy skin.So been planning for a while and finally headed off to the mall for winter shopping …yayyyyy
I’ll be updating soon about the visit to Bridgewater Commons, NJ.

Until then,


Anjum said...

Asalam-wa-lekum!....welcome to the world of blogging...thanks 4 dropping at my blog im happy to knw tht u liked my was comforting to knw tht ur frm UAE...keep in touch.

Nizsha said...

Assalamalikum Anjum,

Thank you for your kinds words :) we'll stay in touch thanks to blogging :D

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