Friday, October 23, 2009

Weekend :D

Yaayyyyy!! The weekend's here.I've been waiting all week.Although I do not work or attend school, but I still want the week to end.There are so many reasons for the same.

1. I get to sleep later than usual and wake up even later.

2. I love the yummy brunch we have on weekends.It consists of khichdi (yellow lentil rice),khatta (tangy curry),pyaz ke ande (omelet cooked with onions) or foul medammas with boiled eggs and pita bread.This is usually followed by fresh fruit salad.

3.I love the leisurely pace we work at during the weekends.Its usually the brunch, followed by us just sitting on the couch lazing around and enjoying the peace and quiet.Its sheer bliss.

4.Later on we head off to a mall for window shopping and/or shopping and maybe snack or ice cream.On some days, we go to the Indian store in Edison for groceries and/or yummy spicy chat (Indian junk food).

5.On some weekends, we go to the Times Square,NY and walk around or just drive around.Later on, we get a shawarma from the road side food carts and get back to NJ late at night.

6.On some other weekends, we attend community events followed by dinner or /are invited over for dinner.

7.On some very rare weekends, we invite people over for dinner which has happened only once so far LOL
8.On one weekend we went bowling to Bowling city.On another weekend, we headed off to the Six Flags Wild Safari and totally enjoyed the day out.

8.One of the things I love about living in Hills borough is the peace and quiet it offers especially on weekends.You hardly see a soul in sight.There's no noise whatsoever.Just a sense of peace and restfulness which is very relaxing on weekends.

This weekend was a bit different since my hubby arrived late on Friday night.He was working away on his computer till early hours in the morning of Saturday.It started raining on and off basis on Saturday.And around 6 in the evening it turned out into heavy rains with thunderstorms.So we just decided to make it pizza night and had a yummy pacific veggie from Dominoes.The pizza was loaded with veggies like spinach,olives,roasted red peppers and also with a lot of cheese, feta and provolone.YUMMMMMM I strongly suggest you try it.

Sunday morning I woke up with a bad chest congestion and wasn't in the mood for doing anything.My hubby had already cooked baigan ka bharta (squashed egg plant).We had it for breakfast with brown pita bread.
Another pleasant thing that happened was I spoke to my aunt living in Toronto after almost an year and a half.I had met her last in Hyderabad at my wedding.It was such a pleasant surprise.

I thank god for small mercies which we so take for granted and a big thank you to my husband for such a pleasant surprise :D
Any more ideas for weekend fun ? Please share :)

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