Saturday, January 23, 2010

Welcome 2010

Hey all,

Welcome to year 2010.I know its too late :~ I had been busy getting things done and was away from blogging for a while. So here are my updates ...

I have enrolled for a graduate class which meets every thursday.Its a 45 minutes commute and is a 3 hour class.So my thursdays are pretty hectic.

Alhamdulillah it feels good to be back at school after about 2 years.I've already made friends with a really friendly freshman who walked me around campus to get me acquainted with the facilities and my neighbourhood.

I also have to put up pics of a yummy Moroccan meal I had at my friend's.Her entrees or appetizers were so yummy.She had two kinds of salad, spinach pies and cheese souffle.

This was followed by a delicious Moroccan chicken baked with olives.

I'll be getting the recipe very soon.Once I try it, I'll be putting it up with pics....I wish I could have it now.

The chicken was served with arabic bread, khubz and rice seasoned with knorr stock.

We were digging into the chicken like there's no tomorrow when she announced about another main dish waiting to be served.

This was mutton cooked with apricots or Lahm maa mush mush in Arabic.The traditional way of eating it was to dip the bread into the big plate and eat the bread soaked in the soup.The huge chunks of meat were to be eaten separately on the individual plates.
The meat flavored with the sweet taste of apricots was a totally new experience for me.Indian cooking never combines meat/chicken with sweet fruits or dried fruits.It tasted good.But the chicken flavored with sour olives and pickled lemons from Costco tasted absolutely delicious.All of us had huge pieces of the chicken and were digging into the gravy.

I can't wait to get together with her to learn some fine Moroccan cooking.Meanwhile, her hubby loves Hyderabadi biryani and she wants me to show her how to cook biryani.

I loved the lunch date at her place.It was perfect timing actually.The weekend we were back from our trip to Cleveland and Detroit was the lunch date with another family friend.

Thanks Loubna habeebti for a lovely meal.


Yasmeen said...

Good to see you back.Love Moroccan food.All those dishes are so so mouthwatering.Good luck with your studies :D

nadia said...

Welcome back, Sis. I missed you so much, though I'm truly happy that you're back in school. What have you taken up at graduate school?

Your Moroccan friend seemed to have whipped up a grand feast! I wish I could be a remotely similar talented host to my guests, lol.

I can't wait for you to try them and post the recipes (and pictures) here :)

PS: Love the pictures!

Muneeba said...

WOW, that Moroccan chicken looks phenomenal! Waiting for the recipe girlie :)

Mona said...

Hmmm, all those clicks are making me super hungry!!

Anonymous said...

Can you post the recipe for Hyderabadi Chaakna sometime? Thanks

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