Saturday, December 5, 2009

Candylicious, World's Biggest Candy Shop - Eat Happy in Dubai Mall

The pictures are enough to send you in a frenzy.Tens of thousands of candies in different colors and varieties are stacked up high along the walls.

Welcome to the worlds biggest sweet shop

Look at all those colors YUMMMMMMMMMMM

LOVE CHOCOLATE Oh yeah don't we all

Jelly Beans of every color and flavor imaginable

Candy Lollipop Tree

I know I got you all drooling by now...

Candy Shoppe plane for your candylicious travels

I could go in there and find myself lost amidst all that candy and I would be loving every bit of it.

I remember when I watched Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory and  I was like, " I would love to have a chocolate factory like this where the walls are made of candy and there's tonnes of chocolate around me."
Looks like its come true.

Oh and if you're wondering the whereabouts of the chocolate factory.Its none other than Dubai.The totally cool unheard of stuff comes from there isn't it like the Burj Dubai,Ski City,Emirates Palace Hotel,Atlantis and the list goes on.I have been to a smaller version of candy shop like this in Las Vegas.But it was not even close to this one... at least in size.I can't tell about the variety as I have not been to the store in Dubai.So anyway, whatever you do we sheikhs can do it better ;)

Thats their motto by the way.Eat Happy :)

Do check out the links below for more eye candy :)

Images courtesy of FB group Candylicious


Mona said...

just similar to a candy shop dream that I used to get when I was a kid :-)

Muneeba said...

Whoa .. I have to tell my friends in Dubai about this! Oh wait, they have kids, so I guess they might already know ... it's a candy wonderland!

nadia said...

Since I am not such a huge fan of candies (or chocolates for that matter), I wanted to visit this shop to take pictures. However, they have put up this HUGE sign right outside the entrance to the shop that says photography is prohibited :(

But yes, this place is every child's dream!

Nizsha said...

@ Mona : I know its every child's dream come true.

@Muneeba : I like tht candy wonderland

@ Nadia : Uh Oh I hope I'm not violating any laws by posting pics here.The pics were uploaded by the candy store guy on FB.So I'm guessing its ok.

Cecilia said...

wow! that looks yummy!

syeda said...

I have been there, and oh Boy was it great,both me and my kids were excited to see the candies, especially the super sized ones,they had a hersheys chocolate bar that weighed 5lb, a huuuuge lollipop and many many many candies, but sad that photography wasnt allowed,though I took a couple of pictures with my phone, they have the cutest trolleys, I mean mini trolleys made for kids,it was great!

Nizsha said...

Cecilia : Thanks for dropping by.

Syeda : wow mini trolleys for tiny tots to go candy shopping on their own.I'm sure your kids must have felt like they were in a wonderland and didn't want to leave too soon.
Thanks for dropping by :)

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