Friday, December 4, 2009

Thank you Google for Google Wave Invite

Surprise Surprise !!!

I received an invite from Google for Googlewave :).It was such a pleasant surprise when I logged on to my gmail on the night of November 30 and saw an email from Google.

I'm so excited about this new technology and can't wait to try it out.The best part is I've already got Nadia of the purple journal, and Mona of zaiqa, as my contacts to start a conversation with.As I've already said, Google wave is a collaborative tool where multiple users can hold a real time conversation.Contacts who are online can be added to a single wave and can have a conversation with multiple contacts at the same time and also share stuff.Google chrome needs to be downloaded for googlewave to work though.

So girls, how about we get together on Googlewave and have a random,crazy conversation to check out the new technology and all the features ? Lemme know so we can have our very own all girls party on googlewave ;)


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