Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Best Buy Wishes Muslims Happy Eid al Adha - Happy Shopping at BB

The giant electronic retailer store Best Buy has been wishing the Muslims in the US a happy eid ul adha advertised along with its Thanksgiving sales.This move by a popular store such as BB is a pleasant change for all muslims living in the US.The recent attacks in Texas had again created an atmosphere of mistrust and fear among Americans and Muslims alike.However, this step taken by BB will help lessen the feelings of animosity or mistrust and make Muslims feel welcome around here inspite of the damage that a minority has done in the name of islam.

Have you spotted the cute note with Eid al adha greeting ? :)

And talk about timings :) Its thanksgiving and Eid ul adha weekend.So lets sincerely and humbly give thanks to the Almighty for His infinite blessings and celebrate eid ul adha in full spirit of utter submission to the Almighty in remembrance of our beloved Prophet Ibrahim AWS's act.

When Prophet Ibrahim AWS's  only son Ismael AWS was a young man, Allah SWT asked Prophet Ibrahim AWS to sacrifice him.Ismael AWS agreed to the same without hesitation saying  this was Allah's command and he would be patient with Allah's decree.When Prophet Ibrahim AWS was about to slaughter him, Allah commanded him to sacrifice a sheep instead of Ismael AWS for He was testing Prophet Ibrahim AWS.Such was the faith Prophet Ibrahim AWS had in Allah's mercy and His infinite wisdom.Later on, he had another son from his first wife Sara RAA who also went on to become a prophet known as Prophet Ishaaq RAA.Allah blessed Prophet Ibrahim AWS with two sons who were both chosen by Allah SWT to be prophets.He was rewarded by Allah SWT for his faith in Him and total submission to the Almighty.To this day, muslims all over the celebrate the spirit of sacrifice by our beloved Prophets Ibrahim AWS and Ismael AWS by slaughtering an animal.The slaughtered animal is then distributed amongst family and also given as charity to those in need.

Lets keep the spirit of our beloved Prophet alive and follow the tradition of selflessness and sacrifice in our relationships and dealings with people around us.Let us promise ourselves on this eid to learn to be more patient in difficult situations or people and to have a forgiving attitude.

Happy Eid ul Adha to all :)



Muneeba said...

A very happy Eid-ul-adha to u too! I'll try and be a good girl, but really, I always look forward to the feasting :D

nadia said...

Eid Mubarak!

hispanic muslimah said...

That's great! I've never seen a major retailer wish Muslims a happy anything....
with the exception of the post making eid stamps.
Eid mubarak in advance dear!

Kitchen Flavours said...

Assalamvalekum Dear, Very happy Eid to you and your family....i really like the message this post carried in the end....

Yasmeen said...

AsSalaam alaikum nizsha,
Apko bhi Eid mubarak :D

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