Monday, November 16, 2009

Burger King Big Fish fried with pork

Salaamz All,
From an online posting...this has been verified to be true (it is also on the Burger Kingwebsite):

After  receiving a message with concerns about Burger King fried products, Burger King was contacted to verify the information.
“These products are fried in a shared fryer: Pork Sausage, Pork Fritter*, TENDERCRISP Chicken, CHICKEN TENDERS, BK Chicken Fries, Original Chicken Patty, BK BIG FISH, Hashbrowns,Onion Rings, and CHEESY TOTS.”

The previous information was found off the website. Burger King was contacted to verify if this is also the case for outlets in Canada. The representative confirmed that this is also the case in Canada outlets.

Therefore, aside from the things we know we should not be eating such  as pork and chicken products from this franchise, we now also encourage everyone to abstain from eating the BK BIG FISH, Hashbrowns, Onion Rings and CHEESY TOTS due to contamination.

The French fries are fried in a separate fryer with vegetable oil.

Just passing it along.

 Source : Forwarded Email

Note : I have checked to verify the info.You can access it on their website.The direct link is provided below.Its on page 5, titled Fried Products.

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nadia said...

I suppose you miss the carefree dining days in the UAE, where you don't have to worry about this issue.

Are there a lot of desi restaurants where you live?

Nizsha said...

Oh god nadia dont even get me started.During my first couple of months when I was a bride and couldn't cook at all, I used to be homesick all the time.I used to live in the dorms for my undergrad and we used to order food at all hours.And my lovely mom used to cook all the yummy food whenever I was home for the weekends.
Its not as convenient as the UAE yknow.The only thing you can order is pizza.Back home, if my mom wasn't feeling well or yknow it was those days of the month she would just order in whatever chinese,lebaneses, name it.

Nizsha said...

We live in a non desi area by the way.We need to drive 30 mins to New Brunswick for Hyderabadi centre pointe restaurant and around an hr's drive to desi stores and restaurants in Edison.Arabic food is around Paterson another hr's drive.We do have a popular Turkish restaurant within 25 mins called Effes.Great turkish food over there.

Muneeba said...

Oh maaaaaaaan ... well, I guess I'm restricted to just gorging on BK fries when the craving strikes .. *sigh* thank goodness at least they're fried separately!

Nizsha said...

I know how you feel Muneeba.
You better come up with a yummy way to grill burgers so we can have our own halal zabiha BK at home ;)

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