Monday, November 30, 2009

Google Wave - Google Invite me please

Google wave is the all new development to the regular google mail.Its like a one stop where people can collaborate in real time.Cool isn't it ?

It gets cooler.People can be added to the conversation and anyone can make changes to the content and even rewind the waves.Its a great tool for conferences,discussions,debates,team work,communities and so much more.

Does that sound like tele conferencing? Ummm....
Also, will we be able to see each other on cams while conferencing?

There's so many questions and so much to explore.Unfortunately, I haven't received an invite yet so cannot review the technology as yet.

I could do with an extra invite
Anyone, please ? ;

Meanwhile, check out the video which explains the function of google wave in layman language.

Also, more can be read on


nadia said...

Just sent you an invitation :)

Yasmeen said...

Amazing technology.I want an invite too :D

Nizsha said...

Nadia : Thanks so much :)

Yasmeen : Check your inbox ;)

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