Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Journey to Mecca - Ibn Battuta's pilgrimage at the Liberty Science Centre

Journey to Mecca is a travel journal of Ibn Battuta's travels from Tangiers in Morocco to Saudi Arabia to perform the holy pilgrimage or the Hajj.The short film shows Ibn Battuta as a young man who wants to perform hajj and leaves his homeland to do so.He is undeterred by the obstacles he faces such as pirates as well as harsh desert sandstorms and so on.He goes to Damascus and joins a group of travelers heading for hajj.After a journey lasting 40 days of continous travel in the desert, they enter Saudi Arabia.The last 15 minutes of the movie show him performing hajj and all the rituals of the pilgrimage.

The best part about the movie was the experience of watching it on a giant dome screen which is 88 feet in diameter.We felt like we were standing on the edge of a cliff while walking around trying to find our seats.The huge screen made you feel like you were part of the movie.The vast desert or the Nile river or the holy city of makkah and the kabah all looked simply magnificient on screen especially since it was all shot from  quite a height.It felt like you were on an airplane and watching the landmasses move below but only this was clearer and at a slower pace.

Although the movie was about 40 minutes, the experience of watching it on IMAX dome theatre made it totally worthwhile.Also, the last bit where Ibn Battuta takes you to Makkah and explains the different rituals of the pilgrimage makes it worth the money and time for muslims and non muslims alike.

The movie is being shown at the Liberty Scince Centre IMAX dome theatre during eid al adha weekend.As a special treat since eid al adha, there's gonna be halal food too :)


The movie comes right on time when its hajj season so we can learn about hajj,its significance for muslims and the rituals that comprise hajj.

Lets pray for the pilgrims who are away performing hajj for their good health and spirits.May Allah SWT accept their hajj and get them safe back home inshallah.

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Muneeba said...

Oh I saw this movie! With my parents, when I was visiting them in Toronto - it was playing at the IMAX theater at the Ontario Science Center. It was great seeing so many Muslim families packing that theater - kids, adults, everyone. Definitely an enjoyable experience. Felt bad when they mentioned at the very end that the actor who played Ibn Battuta in the movie died just last year.

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